Who We Are

Star Juice® is a team passionate about helping people improve their health. Our project has been motivation by the global virus. Research has shown that the best source of vitamins and minerals to protect our bodies can be found in nature's fruits and vegetables. We have taken the initiative to offer juices, smoothies, shots, and more to help your body defend itself. 

About The Founder

The Founder of Star Juice® is passionate about nutrition, exercise, and spirituality.  He is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Fitness Nutrition Trainer and was humbled to be a Division 1 Student-Athlete in basketball at college. Upon graduating, he also competed at a professional level overseas. After Basketball in Israel, he attended Yeshiva in Israel to discover his true spirituality. He returned to the US to work with Elite trainers for NBA and NCAA basketball players to help improve their on-and-off-the-court performance and life management decisions. During COVID, he was humbled to open Star Juice® to help offer his community health-boosting juices and drinks.

His philosophy is also based on the Maimonides System of:
1.) Food Quantity (not eating too much) 
2.) Food Quality (making right decisions for foods) 
3.) Exercise  
4.) Waste Management (digestive support) Detoxing Properly

More can be found in his book: Soulfit: A nutritional fitness and spiritual guide fused with the writing's of ancient Jewish sages

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